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What reports should a public relations agency present to their clients?

A public relations agency should present several types of reports to their clients to measure the performance and impact of its work. Some examples of these reports include:

  1. Media coverage report: This report shows the amount and type of media coverage that has been obtained for the client's company or organization. It includes a list of the media outlets in which the coverage appeared, the frequency, and the significance of the coverage.

  2. Reach report: This report shows the reach of the media coverage, i.e., the number of people who have seen or heard the coverage.

  3. Impact report: This report analyzes the impact of the media coverage in terms of the company's perception, change in sales, etc.

  4. Crisis management report: This report details any crisis situations that may have arisen and how they were handled. It includes a crisis management strategy, measures taken to resolve the crisis, and an analysis of the results obtained.

  5. Event report: This report details any events sponsored or organized by the public relations agency for the client, including the number of attendees, the media coverage obtained, and the results obtained in terms of brand perception and sales.

  6. Trends analysis report: This report analyzes relevant trends in the market and how the company is positioning itself in relation to them.

  7. Budget report: This report details expenses and income related to the public relations campaign and how the budget is being used. In summary, a public relations agency should provide a variety of reports to its client to measure the performance and impact of its work, including media coverage reports, reach, impact, crisis management, events, social media, trends analysis and budget reports.

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